Well I don't really know were to start! I came from a bad life. A life of sex and drugs, I went to prison because I almost killed some one, so the cops says, but I did hurt the guy pretty bad. Well as I was sitting in jail I knew my life was trash , I wanted more out of life then I had, so I started hearing voices in my head. They were saying "This Is God" why wont you give me a chance? So I got down on my knees and I felt my Life change from that moment. When I got to prison I told God if this is really you, you need to walk with me, and he was there every step of the way. God has shown me so so many times that he is Real and that He loves us. I am not good at writing as you can tell, but I am living proof that God can and will change your life if you let Him do so. Like I said, I came from a bad life and I had no hope but now I have A good life with lots of hope You all can have that same thing if you put God first in your life and He will add all the other things you need In His time and Will . May God bless you and may you find Him in your heart . I love you all in Christ Jesus

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