Black Dog / White Dog

There is a story of a Native American elder who once described his own inner struggles to understand the Bible and Christianity.

"Inside of me there are two dogs.
The black dog is mean and tries to talk me into making the wrong choices.
The white dog is good and encourages me to make the right choices.
The black dog fights the white dog all day."

When asked by the friend which dog wins, the elder reflected for a moment and replied;

"The one I feed the most."

Most of us are the same way. There is a part of us that is Christ-spirited, compassionate, trusting, open, abundant and focused on helping others.
(Our White Dog.)

We also have a self-minded, fearful, habitual, controlling, anxious part of us that is generally focused on our limitations and preserving the status quo.
(Our Black Dog.)

And these two parts are in constant struggle.

If we feed "Our White Dog" with the Word of God from the Bible and try to Walk in the Spirit while focusing on helping others our lives will be much more fulfilling.

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