Connie Stinson

Can God restore a marriage? I was separated from my husband for over 7 months. Sin and hurts filled my life. At times I hoped I would never see my husband again. Other times I would think about him. I didn't want a divorce. I put out a fleece, telling God if my husband does this I know we are suppose to get back together. He didn't do the things. Things actually got worse. One week from the court date for the divorce I felt God urging me to call my husband. It was very late. I tried 5 times to get a hold of him. On the 5th try he answered the phone. We are going for marriage counseling, but our best counselor is Jesus and letting him be Lord of our lives. I didn't know my husband had prayed God would have me call him the evening I called 5 times. When I see how God has worked a miraculous healing in my marriage I truly know God cares about marriage. My husband looks at me with loving eyes. He says he sees me the way Jesus sees me. I am really blessed. He is my beloved.

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