Cuitlahuac Cazares

I came to realize that life was nothing without love from above. One day I saw a picture at a Christian Carnival and it attracted me a lot that I wanted to know what it stand for. Who ever was there could not answer my question about the picture. So I behold and behold that picture and it brought me to Jesus Christ. I was born again and my hunger for Jesus Christ grew stronger and stronger that I cannot live without the Word. I have to have the Word everyday of my life. I became so hungry that I wanted to share the bread and wine I was feeding on that I created a website. My website has had an impact on people. It has brought them to realize that they need to walk out of who they are "In Christ". My website is If You do stop at my website please sign my guestbook that way I will know that my brothers and sisters In Christ is growing. Thank you and may God bless you in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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