Gina Dyson

If you count on someone, I count on Jesus, my Heavenly Father, He got me through year of pain and sorrow and Jesus is always there when I need Him, since I'm not married, He's like a husband to me. And I want to know that Jesus is taking care of me when my family deserted me. He's always with me and He talks with me every day and we have a good relationship and a loving one, the world doesn't care about me but Jesus cares about me more than my family and friends who don't love me...yesterday, I was at the Samsons Clinic in Santa Barbara, Dr. Mandel, doesn't care about me and I consider Jesus as my doctor, I can't trust doctors in Santa Barbara at the Clinic, Jesus will find me another doctor.... so Trust Jesus as your personal savior and He will be you always and forever, He will never leave and you always count on Jesus, not people of the World. Thank you. G. I. Dyson

May God Bless You Gina

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