Larry Cates

In April of 2005 I was sent to a rehab program in Carlsbad, NM. While I was there I was touched by God and have been growing stronger in my spirituality daily. I thank God for the chance to grow in my faith of Him. I am diabetic and in August 2005 I went to the hospital with a lung infection. They treated me for this infection with steroids that spiked my blood sugar level to over 500. I went into a diabetic coma. When I was in this coma I had a chance to see God. I was headed for the light when a voice called out and said I had to return so that I may become stronger in my faith. There were people on the other side trying to pull me up but I could not go to them because I believe my Father had a different calling for me. Since I awoke I have been living in His Grace. I have established a daily meditation and prayer period which enables me to grow stronger in my belief. I was brought up Catholic and was dragged to, or threatened with punishment, if I did not go to church on Sundays. My dad was a do as I say not as I do disciplinarian, therefore as soon as I was old enough, I did as I willed. I was never taught to love God and live by Gods Will. I new all the prayers and I went to confession but  I just did not believe wholeheartedly in God. I was ego (edging God out) driven. I have since let God come into my heart and I am striving to be driven by the Holy Spirit. I know it will take time because God doesn't want to make it too easy for me, after all I tried for about 35 years to do as I willed and it just led to alcohol, drugs, divorce, adultery, dishonesty, and other general and sundry sins. God was just waiting with open arms  for me to come and commit myself to Him. I have never found so much love, joy, peace, kindness, compassion, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

This is Amazing Grace. Sincerely, Larry Cates

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