I was happy when I found this sight and read testimonies of other people who had a touch from God. I can't put all on here that God has done for me, but I will try to share some of God's blessings in my life. I was married at 19 years of age and in five months my husband died from burns due to a car accident. Then in two years I married again and had two sons. That marriage lasted 2 years. In 1970 I married and had 2 girls from a 12 year marriage of pure torment on earth. I tried to go to church, but my husband was so brutal. He beat me just about every weekend while in a drunken stupor. I prayed and begged God to help my marriage. My husband got a job that kept him away for weeks at a time which were very happy times for me and the children. He came home one day in 1982 and told me to take my children, (but he used ugly words towards us) and get out of his house, (That I helped pay for). I left in May and in December I had open heart surgery. I was 37 years old and had 4 children to raise. Well, I was unable to work but I started receiving disability and my boys did farm work. I went back to school and got my diploma at 40 years of age. My oldest son graduated from the same school 2 weeks later. My health seemed to worsen and I was unable to continue my education in early childhood development/physcology. I redicated my life to Jesus and started going to church and singing in a Gospel group. I tried all I could to get back in good health, but Satan fought me hard. It seemed that every sickness was taking over my body but I trusted in God. In and out of the hospital, but I wouldn't give up. My children all graduated and I managed to send them to college. I had little money but we made it. God began to turn things that seemed impossible into great and wonderful things. After my sons left , I had to give up my home and move into an apartment. My youngest daughter(29) is still with me because she feels I need her with me. I lived in an apartment for 20 years and there was so much evil around us in the apartment complex and I prayed and asked God to help me find a peaceful place to live. I had little money, and the government paid most of my rent. I gave my 10% of my income because I knew that it belonged to God. He blessed what I had left, which wasn't much. Matthew 6:33..But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteous; and all these things shall be added unto you. As I read this scripture over and over and I began to have more understanding of what it meant. I knew that God loved me and I knew that He would make a way for me to live in peace. In a dream/vision one night God ministered to my spirit and told me to go talk to a certain man that would help me get a mobile home. Well, I called the place God told me to call and asked for him and they said he was no longer there. My world began to fall apart because I knew God had told me what to do. I started crying and told the man about my message from God. I said surely God didn't mislead me, it must have been just me. As quickly as I said it, I was sorry and the man on the other end said Maam I believe you came to the right place, can you come to the office now. I was laughing and crying all at once and said yes. I called one of my Christian friends who lived in a lovely mobile home parks and told her this because I was overcome with the message, and she said I will go with you. I said ok and a lady who was like a mother to me went with us. We got there and in 30 minutes the man said where do you want your home taken too? My dear friend called her landlord and he told her which spot to put my new home. She and I shouted all over that office. The man there was a very devout Christian man. This was on Monday and he showed me my (2002) home on Tuesday and on Wednesday my home was on its way to the park. It is paid for because God made a way for me. It is almost impossible to believe, but it's true. I was faithful in little things and God honored my faithfulness. A minister gave me a prophesy "that God would use the wealth of the sinners on this earth to bless me if I would serve and do His will". I am at peace here and I am once again happy. I'll never forget what God has done for me. Sometimes I feel so undeserving, but He tells me in my spirit that I am. I rededicated my life April 14, 1984 and It hasn't been easy but God has been good to me and He has walked ahead of me and cleared the way and sometimes he has carried me , but praise the Lamb of God I have victory in Jesus and one day I am going to tell Him how I love and adore Him. He says in His word that He will never forsake us or leave us and His love is constantly abiding within us and I want the world to know that there is nothing to go back too, but glory is on the horizon for the ones of us who will lift up the Name of Jesus to the lost of this world. God bless all who read this and maybe it will bless someone . Just keep looking up to Jesus, because He is our everlasting strength. Linda

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