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Season BubbleGirl, 24, has not left her home in eight years. She has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a disease where the immune system cannot tolerate common chemicals. This condition occurred after an over-exposure to a fragranced product. It's result is deadly symptoms from inhaling any of the banned substances. After four near-death experiences she was ordered to stay home, in a controlled, segregated environment.

Despite daily challenges, BubbleGirl continues to be up-beat. Instead of dwelling on her sterile lifestyle, she forges on to realise her dream: become a successful international author. "I didn't spend my first sixteen years learning to write, only to waste it," she says. "Giving up now is not an option when I have only just begun to inspire and help others. I feel God chose me to show others the strength hidden in all of us."

A Doggy Diary is her first book. It is one of the first dog stories to be written from the dog's perspective. Readers describe it as a comical, educational piece with morals. BubbleGirl calls it "the record of my own dog's growth - with a little imagination mixed in."

BubbleGirl plans to release her second book, her autobiography, late 2005. Her goal is to share the difficulty, humour, love, hate, lessons and failures in her life. It depicts the changes her days and relationships had once she became a "bubble girl". The entire journey is set down - every aspect of life. She says, "I am giving the people a chance to see the real individual underneath. If they don't like me - I'm ok with that. I'd rather fail being myself than succeed as someone else."

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A Doggy Diary (ISBN: 0976622130) is available at Barnes and Noble, Target, Books-A-Million, Amazon UK, and in print and ebook. It can be ordered at bookstores throughout the US, UK, and Canada (Distributor: Ingram). Australian purchasing from BookSurge Australia. For direct listings and links, see:

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