Tanya Walton

I was saved at 5 years old and went to church faithfully every Sunday, when I hit the age of 16, I started making the wrong choices.  I went out with unsaved boys.  When I finished High School, I move away and got married to my boyfriend of 3 years.  I got pregnant, so we decided to move back home.  Well my life started falling a part, I knew that the Lord was calling me but I didn't want to hear his voice.  When my son was born, my marriage to my ex-husband was going down hill.  He started hitting me and calling me names.  I couldn't take it anymore, he left me.  I was alone and I thought I was ready to go back to church.  But I was wrong, I just played church and little did I know that I was playing with God.  Well I continued to live my worldly life and met someone else after being alone for two and half years, I thought he really loved me and I thought that I would finally have a family.  Boys, was I fooled.  I got pregnant and Terry left me.  I was 3 months along, I moved in with my parents and they helped me out so much.  When my youngest Spencer was 2, I met my second husband.  I was still living a worldly life, making bad choices, thinking that life was so GREAT!!  But deep down inside I felt empty.  We got married last year in Jan.  And again I still was making choices that were not pleasing to God, until July of the last year. A dear friend of mine died of liver cancer, she was only 28.  She left behind a 5 year old and a 1 year old.  That really bothered me, I started thinking about my children and what would happened to them if I would pass away. Would they know God, would they ever pray and read God's word?  As I sat there I cried out to God for forgiveness. I talked with God for two hours just crying and telling him that I wanted to live my life for him and help my children to know him.  My children asked Jesus to come live in their hearts, they prayed and learned their memory verses.  My oldest Austin really tries to live for God, he is only 8.
The reason I'm telling my story is it took a death of a friend to show me that God is there and that know matter how far I ran or was untrue that God will always be there for me.  I hope by reading this story that it will help someone else.  I pray that it doesn't take a death of a loved one or a dear friend to bring them back to our Lord God.  Thanks

May the Lord Bless Tanya and Her Children

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