Back in 1988, I was struggling with drinking.  I drank every night. I was in a turmoil with my life.  I was seeing several men, and my life was a mess.  I was struggling with everything it seemed.  My drinking got to a point of not knowing how I got home at night or even if I got home okay.  I ended up pregnant.  Oh, no and not married. I told God after I left the doctors office, I was 3 months along, that if you would give me a healthy child I will bust my back to care for her. I somehow knew I was going to have a girl.  Now I had to tell my family.  I had been in and out of the hospital for heart problems.  I had several surgeries when I was a kid growing up in Southern California.  Was told I would not be able to do certain things, like ride a bike, swim, and other things. I had a very deformed heart as the doctors called it.  I was suppose to have several heart diseases, in which now they say I have 4 .  I was, as the doctors put it, to have died, I would not live past the age of 13.  I am now 43. 

I was concerned, when I found out I was going to have a child.  I was now going to tell my mother.  We lived in a small town where people talk, Lyons, KS.  The rumors where ramped, when people found out I was to have a baby.  My mothers, so called husband, started to call me all kinds of names in the book, and no one did anything.  My relatives told me either I abort or else.

Well, I told them I will take the or else, I AM NOT KILLING MY CHILD!  The doctors wanted me to abort, because of my heart problems and the other problems that I had throughout my childhood.  They said my child would have problems.  I said I would not abort my child.  I made a deal with God.  My family and my Christian friends abandoned me.  My Christian friend, someone who I thought was my friend told me because of what you have done we can not help you.  Which was basically true, no one called, no letters, nothing.  I was not even important enough to find out if I was alive or dead.  I can still hear the words, even to this day and its been 15 years.  I had several problems when carrying my child, and with all the stress it did not help.  My family put my through a living hell.  My daughter was 6 weeks early and healthy.  I was pretty sick and I nearly lost my life.  My child today is almost 16 years old and she is very healthy and very smart, she has a 167 IQ.  I have taken care of her and she has never wanted or needed anything.  And as far as going to church, I do not.  I have not been for over 14 years.  Churches are there to help you not to have people point fingers and say because of what you did we will not help you.

May the Lord Bless Terri and Her Daughter

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