Tom Stapleton

I am an ex-taxi driver but met Jesus in the Taxi 19 years ago while driving down Park Lane in London. I received the Holy Spirit there and then like Paul the Apostle. I had gone to church the previous day to see my daughter baptized. I did not believe in God or Jesus. I never heard a word the preacher said or any of the words of the hymns. I walked out of the church confused wanting to find the answers to the thoughts in my mind. I went to work next day and while driving was still feeling pain in my heart like a stabbing. I thought, what can I do? I know I'll buy a nice bible for my daughter and write in it "To the best daughter in the world", and wham! I new that Jesus was real, all the anger, hatred, and confusing went, I felt 10 feet tall everything around me seemed so clean. Since then I have been through many things. By his grace, I went to bible college for a year, went to Albania on a mission, and last year went to India on the work of the Lord. My life has a purpose and a future with Jesus Christ, Amen.

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