Without Jesus

Raised in a small town in the western part of the state of Maryland, life was pure and uncomplicated enjoyment. It is like heaven.

Life was so simple and being alive seemed to be a God given gift for everyone in the world to enjoy. I often think about the innocence of those times. No one even cared to lock their doors, and the community was so close knit that the intimate feelings between family and friends, are held as dear treasured memories of my inner being today.

This period in my life was the only secure time in my life for the next forty-eight years. In the first thirteen years of my life, I was sheltered from the cruelties and complexities that the real world endured daily.

What happened in my 13th year would shatter my illusions of life forever. This book is dedicated to the Grace and Mercy of Almighty God, and to share my joy with the reader over the fact that no matter how chaotic life can be, there is a way out, and a way to achieve total victory.

 “Out of Chaos! Living a Lifetime Without Jesus”, is an autobiography that is a dramatic inspirational testimony, sharing openly and honestly the emotions, feelings, and behaviors of a child who at the age of 13 years old, was molested and raped by a pedophile.

The onslaught of unforeseen behavioral patterns and problems that followed for the next thirty-five years were chaotic. Sexual abuse is a cultural plague in today’s society, and it is ever increasing. Many times sex abuse is left unreported by the victim, for fear of being rejected and belittled by friends and family members alike.

To avoid being belittled and ridiculed, the victim usually takes the blame for the crime perpetrated upon him, locks the moment away in his memory, and tries to resume life, as if nothing ever happened. Oftentimes the experience becomes a skeleton in his or her closet that never goes away, and for many, the only solution is to numb the emotional anguish through alcoholism, drug addiction, and promiscuous lifestyles that sometimes end up in suicide.

My experience resulted in all the above behavioral patterns except the last. Trying to free myself from all of the addictions, I tried all that the secular world had to offer, including psychiatric help, counseling, and antidepressant medications of all types for more than twenty years to no avail.

I write this book to share my experiences with other victims, as well as their family members, friends, and members of the clergy, with hope of revealing some tremendous insight on all types of behaviors that the victims may go through during their lives, because these victims may have no knowledge as to why their lives are out of control.

Despite all my efforts in searching and seeking for all of the answers that the medical professionals had to offer, I found that there was only one solution for my problem other than suicide, and that is God’s love for me and forgiveness of my sins.

However, that was not possible until I learned to stop doing everything my way. I hope that this book will motivate and inspire you and if you are like me, will set you free from the bondage of addiction and give you hope no matter how hopeless life can be.... Stephen Warnick. My book Out of Chaos! Living a Lifetime

Without Jesus can be read online at www.secretsofsuccessforabundantliving.com its entirety for free in hope to reach out to survivors of sexual abuse, drug/and or alcoholism to let them know there is a way out of chaos in our lives, and his name is Jesus Christ.

Stephen Warnick

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