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   I am now 35 years old. The short version of my testimony goes something like this: I was raised by good Christian parents. For some reason I chose to hang out with the "bad guys" at a very early age. I ended up dropping out of high school. I new I was a spiritual created being. I sought for God by looking into every religion under the sun. I joined fringe Christian groups and cults to feel like i was loved. I eventually got my high school diploma and attended a Christian college. I taught in churches and only had head knowledge of Christ. I was not saved yet. After many relationships I found a woman I wanted to marry. We got married. She had been married before and had three kid's from a previous marriage. So, I became an instant father with only a record of mixed up experiences which had no mature wisdom behind them. During my marriage I experienced a personal loneliness which eventually lead me to receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior. I failed again because I had nobody t!
 o really help me grow in my new found faith. I stressed out when my wife and I stopped getting along. I went into depression and eastern religious groups. I was going mad! My wife finally left me because of my bad decisions. This brought me to my knees again. I cried for six months strait. But during this time I was forced to go to God in prayer and go to His word to look for answers. I am now very close to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have since started my own ministry for the Lord. I make lecture tapes which have been sent throughout the world to missionaries all over. I also support missionaries and Christian orphans. My ministry is "Christian Zone Ministries".
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