Francisco Cobo


14 years ago I was drugs dealer, in the USA. In 1997 when in London, I knew our savior. I looked for a better life, but the best happiness in my life was at the moment when I found Jesus.
I born in Popayan, Colombia on December 4th 1959. My family started out dysfunctional  when my father committed suicide, leaving us 8 children in a lot of poverty. My mother was expecting the last baby. I was the seventh. After all of this my mother's sister, named Ana, tried to help us, and brought me to a town called Cali.
I grew up on my aunt's house, in Cali. She and her husband and their sons were members of the communist party. I have had to read from THE GUERRILLERO DIARY written by Arturo Alape, who is a journalist from FARC. I was learning to read as a warrior for Satan.
In my early age at school I had a very famous teacher, named Rosemberg Pabon. Pabon was the person in charge of kidnapping 100 diplomats from an independence party at the Dominican Republic Embassy. I don't remember the day, but I remember those false prophets and masters. I was 22 years old when I finished my college as an electrical technician. I decided to go to the USA, but my soul had a lot of hate against Americans. In my country the political and economic situation was increasing the civil war. A lot of these people were helped by the American government, and became the new rich society, without God and law.
My hatred against everything increased and I decided to be a drug dealer that doesn't care what happens. In 1991 I was arrested in New York as a Cali cartel member. While at the DEA headquarters, I prayed to my Lord asking
to take care of my little daughters, 2 and 3 years old. A miracle happened and I found my freedom the same day.
Six years later I was really free, when Jesus got in me and showed me the path to go to eternal freedom. I hope some day to come back to USA and preach the word to Colombian people in jail, in prison, in streets and anywhere that My Lord may send me.
Today, I'm living in Ambato, Ecuador, working with teenagers and dysfunctional families who don't know about God.
God bless everybody, who can read this STORY with glory and honor to God.

Francisco Cobo your brother in Jesus

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