His Work in Me

I have known the name God for as long as I remember. I grew up attending a French Catholic school in Niagara Falls Canada, while going to Sunday School at different Baptist and Evangelical Churches around the city. The exposure never really sunk in though. In 1984 (age 8), my mother moved my sister and I to Washington State (where she was from) so she could go back to school and provide a life for us that was away from my abusive father. I began attending my Stateside family's Church soon thereafter. It was at this time that I really started to learn WHO God and Jesus were. I absorbed the information while never giving my life to the Lord. Through Jr. and Sr. High, I pretended to be a Christian on the outside, while struggling with emotional issues, including suicide, on the inside. Out of High School I became very involved in drugs and alcohol which led me to sexual impropriety, and illegal activities. In 2002 it all came to head, and I attempted suicide one last time, praying God would forgive me and take me home. But that never happened... so I thought. After this experience and the month long hospital stay, I began to sober up. I abstained from drugs and alcohol, began going to Church again, and slowly my life began to change. Then at the Franklin Graham Festival that summer, I truly gave my life to Christ. I let Him take everything I had done, everything I had been through, and accepted His cleansing. My life has not been the same since. I am now a member of my Church, serving as a volunteer Youth Leader for the Sr. High Ministry and loving every minute of it. I am attending school and intend, God willing, to major in Psychology, minor in Religion and acquire a Certificate in Ministry. My goal is to run or assist in running a citywide outreach ministry for Jr. and Sr. High School students. To reach them while their ears are still open, and the world hasn't had a chance to corrupt their minds. Praise God for His work in me, as well as all the other workers and ministers who strive to lead and love people to the Salvation on Christ offers. Praise God!

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