Heather Henry and Kaysee Graham's Vision

         God is up to something in Campbellsville, KY!  He is the vision giver and the vision keeper!  Two years ago, God gave me vision of a "Dream Center".  This dream center would consist of a homeless and year long discipleship program, youth center, soup kitchen, management classes, and an adopt-a-block program.  My vision was very holistic and would minister to the entire family system.  For years I have assumed that the lord would lead me to the inner city to fulfill this vision he has placed on my life.  In the past 4 months, He has been revealing to me that His purpose for me was to be faithful to his vision in my hometown.  God didn't get a hold of my heart and change my life for me to forget my own people. 
          Little did I know that the entire time I was in Philly, Heather Henry, a student at Campbellsville University was praying for someone to help her spur on the vision she received from God in 2001.  Heather and I had received the vision at the same time.  But we didn't know each other.  God was waiting for the perfect moment to allow our paths to cross.
          On Aug. 18, 2003, the Lord set up a divine appointment.  The first time we hung out we realized our lives would never be the same.  We knew our Spirit's and purposes connected.  From the first day we met, we've been ministering weekly in a local housing project.  The vision is well on its way..."And now for the rest of the story."

Phase I:  Heather and I both feel that the vision begins with PEOPLE! We are in Phase I right NOW!  This stage focus's on a ministry we call Adopt-a-Block.  We feel that it is crucial to be consistent in ministry.  We feel that by ministering to the same neighborhood, over and over. we will demonstrate the love of Christ, develop relationships, and watch the lord develop Christian leaders within the neighborhood.  The activities of this phase would include cookouts, movie nights in the park, Christmas dinner, Bible Studies, outdoor concerts, street ministry, and prayer walks.  Also, prayerfully, we will become a non-profit organization, and begin speaking at churches and casting the vision.
Phase II: During this phase, we pray that the lord will expand the adopt-a-bock ministry by blessing us with a van, bread truck, or school bus that might provide a mobile ministry to our community. This Vehicle would take food into the neighborhoods, and serve as a "Metro Sunday School", or even a "Convoy of Hope".  This vehicle would also be very helpful to transport people to the center for special activities.
Phase III: We are praying for a building to use for a ministry plan that we have.  See, we will use the building as a recreation area for people to get closer to Jesus.  The center will provide a place for the people to reach us if they need us, throughout the week.  The center will have pantry rooms containing children's ministry supplies, a food pantry, a clothing closet, a resource room for our guests, and we would use the center for Bible Studies.  Also, educational classes, job fairs, and a hangout area with couches, coffee, and an atmosphere with love and peace!
Phase IV: During this phase, our vision comes to fruition!  We believe that the lord is going to birth a homeless/discipleship program in Campbellsville, KY.  We know there is homelessness in Campbellsville, whether it's visible or not.  Giving a homeless person a warm place to sleep is a nice gesture, but they deserve an opportunity to be changed from the "INSIDE-OUT".  We have seen first hand the lives that have been changed by these kind of programs.  We want to provide a safe place for men, women, and children to live and learn how to become the person God wants them to be.  They would work for the shelter in order to earn their keeps, take classes, do bible studies and acquire the skills they would need in order to provide for themselves.  We believe in empowerment and giving people back their dignity!  We believe it is God's desire to see the cycles of poverty and helplessness stopped
     So basically, that's just a little info, but you can go to http://www.geocities.com/touchofluv42718/page1.html to see our webpage and offer your support.

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